The BirdHive Story

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Our Story

Born out of a period of self-discovery, The BirdHive is a non-binary and autistic-owned company that seeks to uplift the authentic self, even if that self is a little different. After years of struggling in a neurotypical, corporate world, The BirdHive set out to pave their own way. 

For years, the original creator of The BirdHive has been designing t-shirts for the regional fantasy, sci-fi convention, CONvergence. Their success at the event inspired them to take the leap and launch their very own brand. With their gender-neutral clothes, they hope to inspire people to feel more comfortable in their own skin. You “bee” you!

Inspired by the Aarakocra race of Dungeons & Dragons with the looks of the Golden and Ruby-crowned kinglets, the Bees are birds! They’re here to showcase pride in all genders and highlight the fit of our clothing.

Isabee has an affinity for a more feminine look, dressing in styles that accentuate her figure. She feels the most comfortable and confident in clothes that fit her snugly. And why not? She’s trans and proud!

Notabee’s style is the most androgynous of the Bees, an expression of their non-binary identity. They prefer a looser fit typical of the unisex products in our collections.

Akabee is the most masculine of the Bee Three. Typically, he looks for that just-right fit, not too loose and not too tight! When we wears a look of ours, he leans towards the “masc” items.

Meet the Team

“I want to leave this earth a little better, and a little weirder, than when I came into it.”

"My goal is to dress so that I'm never mistaken for a straight person."

"A Little birdie told me it was time to trade up."